Downton Abbey: Rose sparks suspicion in a clip from episode six

As plans for Robert's birthday party get underway, Lady Rose starts keeping secrets


We’ve all been waiting for Lady Rose to start making more mischief. Apart from a tussle at a tea dance and a few minutes masquerading as a chambermaid, she’s been positively angelic so far this series.


But all that looks set to change in this week’s Downton Abbey, as plans get underway for Robert’s surprise birthday party. In this sneaky preview, Lady Rose ropes in Mrs Hughes to hide the members of a band she plans to unveil after dinner. 

A band, you say, eh?

Who else reckons the biggest shock will be dashing Jack Ross (Rose’s awfully inappropriate dancing partner from episode four) making his reappearance?

Downton Abbey continues on Sunday at 9:00pm on ITV