Behind the scenes of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary teaser trailer in pictures

The BBC has released shots revealing how they brought the Doctor's past to life with props, enemies and Time Lord look-a-likes...


With almost every frame flooded by the past, present and future of Doctor Who, last Saturday’s 50th anniversary trailer practically exterminated the internet. 


Now that the hysterical freeze-framing has died down, however, the BBC has decided to give fans a glimpse of how they managed to bring the past to life with such a swish, stylised flourish. Check out the intriguing behind the scenes shots below. 

Back where it all began… 

A peek at a replica of the opening shot of Doctor Who’s first episode, An Unearthly Child. Inside the scrapyard where the Tardis was parked you can see a camera and a room packed with classic props. 


A classic Cyberman, having just disposed of a Dalek, attempts to erase all of the crew’s hard work. 

Who look familiar… 

A look-a-like of the late first Doctor William Hartnell gets ready to be shot from the back. The trailer employed the work of various stand-ins to fool fans into thinking time travel was possible after all. 

Baking hot

An actor playing Tom Baker’s fourth Doctor gets ready for a shot. According to reports, his scarf was a 24ft version which was knitted especially for the trailer. 

I’m a Time Lord, get me out of here!

Colin Baker – let’s just pretend that it’s Colin Baker – poses dramatically for the trailer’s final swoop.