Coronation Street: David is the daddy – DNA test reveals paternity of baby Lily

But recriminations continued to fly between warring siblings David and Nick

David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) has tonight been revealed to be the father of baby Lily.


This evening’s episode of Coronation Street featured an answer to the ‘who’s the daddy?’ question that has seen David and Nick (Ben Price) at war over which of them can call Kylie’s child their own.

In an hour-long instalment, David opened his paternity test results in front of Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan) and read aloud:

“Based on the DNA analysis, the alleged father Mr David Platt cannot be excluded as the father of the child Lily Platt. This constitutes a positive result. The man we have tested is the biological father of the tested child.”

True to form, David wasted no time in telling Nick of the findings, which only led to further recrimination between the two brothers.

“You and Kylie were nothing more than a sordid little blip,” David said in relation to the Christmas one-night-stand that resulted in the doubt over Lily’s parentage.

But Nick refused to let the issue of David’s revenge plot lie: “You should be locked up,” he seethed, referencing the car crash that David orchestrated and which has left him with brain damage.

Yet despite David getting the confirmation he needs that Lily really is his daughter, it seems that relations with wife Kylie (Paula Lane) remain rocky.


Her suspicions about David’s closeness to Tina look set to cause further ructions in the week to come. Viewers should expect further fireworks during another 60-minute episode this Wednesday that sees the Platts gather for Lily’s christening.