Coronation Street spoilers: Liz, Steve and Michelle back behind the Rovers bar – first look pictures

Beverley Callard reveals what's in store as the McDonald matriarch makes her big comeback


Michelle Connor (Kym Lomas) is in for a double shock in next week’s episodes of Coronation Street. First, boyfriend Steve (Simon Gregson) reveals that he’s bought the Rovers for her as a gift and then Liz (Beverley Callard) breezes back into Weatherfield as a not-so-silent partner in the business.


“The first time you see her, you just get the sight of this leg getting out of a black taxi,” says Beverley Callard, who plays Liz. “The script said that she should have this most amazing painted stiletto on. But for the first take, I borrowed Ryan Thomas’s work boots. So for the first shot, there was my stockinged leg with this work boot on the end!”

Once back in the Rovers, though, Liz’s opening move is to split up a fracas between the warring Kylie (Paula Lane) and Tina (Michelle Keegan). “She walks in and stops this fight. Kylie and Tina are both so Tiny that Liz just hoists them out of the Rovers. It’s fantastic.”

But it looks like Liz may well have another fight on her hand when she faces a fuming Michelle, who demands to know what’s going on. With Liz a week early, Steve flannels for an excuse and explains that he could only scrape together enough money if Liz came in as part owner. So are we going to get a falling out between the two women now in charge of the backstreet boozer?

“For the last couple of years that I was there, Liz hated every girlfriend that Steve had. Every 18 months, I’d replay the same scenes and it was just so boring. So I told our current producer Stuart Blackburn about this and he assured me that they wouldn’t be doing that this time around.


“So Liz and Michelle are getting on really well and Steve is caught in the middle, acting like a complete plonker as usual.”