Strictly Come Gymnastics and the spin-offs that could* happen

*probably won’t ever


BBC1 is apparently in talks to create a Strictly Come Gymnastics show, in which celebrities will learn and perform gymnastics routines alongside a professional.


According to the Sun, Strictly Come Dancing’s 2012 champ and Olympic gymnastics medalist Louis Smith will be involved. It’s bound to be in front of an audience. We’ll all laugh, cry, cheer and vote for our favourites presumably.

But could they go a bit more creative… ?

Strictly Come..berbatch

Stay with us…Celebrities would be called up to figure out a crime in the fashion of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock. There’d be clues, red herrings and a loyal sidekick to help them through it. It’d be like completing your Duke of Edinburgh gold award, without all of the camping. Bruce Forsyth could tell a few jokes while we wait for them to complete the task. 

Strictly Come Taxidermy

Preserving an owl, propping up a parrot, or laying out butterflies… it’s what teatime viewing was made for. There’d be lines like, “Yes Carol Voderman, your task for this evening is to stuff this owl in under two minutes.” Bafta-worthy, right? Craig Revel Horwood could stick around and get away with saying things like, “Darling, I don’t want to be vile, but your stuffing technique just isn’t as it should be.”

Strictly Come… this way!

Celebrities and their partners take turns to be blindfolded and lead through ridiculously dangerous assault courses. “That’s it. Just a tad more to the left. No, no, not right, that’s where the killer bees nest is…” It’d be like I’m A Celebrity meets ballroom. Tess Daly and Bruce Forsyth could look all nervous on the sidelines. 

Strictly Come Coding

We enjoy, ahem, endure an hour of amateurs attempting to code a brand new website. Imagine Bruno Tonioli’s responses to that. “You’ve got to watch your hands because when you started typing on that keyboard it was like you were achieving the speed of light. I couldn’t keep up. You were like a roadrunner, beep beep beep…” No? No. 

Strictly Came and Went

Strictly bosses knock their casting selections down to Z list. The judges try to remember the names of one-hit wonders and sacked soap stars. “Were you…the voice of Crazy Frog?” “No,” says Handy Andy, tears in his eyes, “No I wasn’t.” In fact, some nights you’d just turn on and get the test card. Frankly it’s a toss up between which would be the better outcome.