Homeland series 1 and 2 in a nutshell

Before series three kicks off on Sunday, become a total Homeland aficianado (sort of) in about sixty seconds


CIA operations officer Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) thought rescued war hero US Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) had been “turned” by al-Qaeda. Everyone thought she was wrong and ignored her.


Even her boss and mentor Saul thought she’d gone a bit too far, even though he totally knows Carrie’s his best agent.

Then the CIA found out Carrie suffers with bipolar disorder. They ignored her some more.

Brody tried to blow up the Vice President with a bomb-vest, but it didn’t go off. He fixed it but a last-minute phone call from his daughter stopped him going through with the bombing. Then a suicide tape popped up in which Brody admitted what he was supposed to have done. Finally, everyone believed Carrie.

Oh, and Carrie totally fell in love with Brody and obsessively watched him Big Brother style. There was a lot of sex. Carrie ended up getting fired.

Brody switched between helping al-Qaeda’s Abu Nazir – the man who turned him and still had an emotional hold on him – and trying to be a good citizen.

Carrie was sort-of/sort-of-not hired again as the CIA couldn’t figure it all out without her.

Eventually Carrie convinced Brody and everyone else that he should work with the CIA as a double agent. Lots of lovely al-Qaeda intelligence for the CIA, a chance to not be publicly exposed as a terrorist for Brody. And he could to continue to run for office too.

At one point, Abu Nazir captured Carrie and forced Brody to kill the Vice President to save her. Brody seemed to quite enjoy it. Then Abu Nazir was tracked down and executed. He seemed to quite enjoy that. All part of the plan?

Carrie said she was going to leave the CIA to be with Brody, just as a huge bomb went off at the Vice President’s funeral, killing most of the people at the CIA. Everyone thought it was Brody. Except Carrie. The bomb was in Brody’s car though, so now Brody’s on the run. Carrie is glum as glum can be.

Still with us? Series three starts this Sunday on Channel 4 at 9:00pm