Homeland: Brody’s best pouts

A threat to US National Security? With this I-may-be-evil-or-I-may-be-good pinched pout pout - it's impossible to say...

Travel sick? Plotting a major strike in honour of my terrorist captors? No-one will know as long as I just keep pouting. Muhahahaaaa…


Just keep pouting, just keep pouting… what do I do? I pout, pout, pout.

What’s that Vice *pout* President? People think I’ve *pout* been turned *pout*?

Have I ever met Abu Nazir? Er, I’m sorry, can you not see this super innocent pout?

Nope. Never. I may not be looking into your eyes like a guilty person would, but just look, look at the pout. 

It’s totally normal to stare at the White House when people think you want to bring it down. Totally. 

Am I trying to run for office? Help Abu Nazir? Gosh even I don’t know. And… pout. 

Yep, the pout seems to be working. Keep cool Brody, keep cool. 

A bomb jacket? Seriously? I’m suprised you can hear anything I’m saying over all of this pouting.

Gosh, look at that, it works for both sides.

I’m on the run. I don’t think anyone can even see me. That’s kind of the point of being on the run. But I just… can’t… stop… pouting. 

Jackpot! Hood up and pout. 

And pout…

Oh go on then, one more… 

Homeland series 3 starts this Sunday at 9:00pm, Channel 4