Will Danny Dyer be censored on Twitter when he joins EastEnders?

There are fears among his half-million followers that the legendary geezer may have to curb his more colourful Twitter outpourings once he joins the BBC1 soap


Don’t censor Danny!


EastEnders may be forced to temper the effusive Twitter outpourings of one of its most colourful stars after the actor Danny Dyer landed a role in the soap.

Dyer is a popular Twitter personality and has gathered a large following, drawn to his stunning displays of wit and wisdom over the years.

Sometimes he is enigmatically thoughtful – “I wish I knew what the f**k I’m talking about ;),” he pondered on September 11 this year.”

At other moments he demonstrates his innate joie de vivre “Having a beer with the old man for he’s birthday. 58 today. Love the fact he’s a major p***head.”

The great man can also be a tad scatological at times, once sharing a photo of a lavatory he claimed had been used by  he Queen.

But he is never dull – or dishonest. He once told a fan who said she was looking forward to watching one of his films that night: “Hate to do this to ya Grace. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve made some s**t films but 7 lives is f***ing awful.” 

He can be sweet and sensitive as well:

Of course, we love him whichever mood he’s in. Almost as much as a cute-as-a-button bunny rabbit.

But will such profound apercus have to cease? We hope not.

An EastEnders insider said: “We have guidance in place for all our cast members and the main thing is to be mindful of the audience.

“We have not yet had a conversation with [Danny] as it’s very early days so we can’t say if we will [censor him], but there is guidance for all our cast.”