The Face: meet the final twelve

Naomi Campbell, Erin O'Connor and Caroline Winburg have all picked their teams, but who's chosen who? Find out here...


The Face’s gaggle of hopefuls has been whittled down to a final twelve, each chosen to be a part of Team Naomi, Team Erin or Team Caroline. But who belongs to who? Meet the girls and find out… 



Name: Emma Holmes

Age: 17

Bio: Half Dutch and half Jamaican, Emma describes herself as “the whitest black girl you’ll ever meet.” She’s currently studying for A-levels in history and politics and has a love of literature, but the pressure’s on as her mum’s givenher just one year to make it as a model…

Name: Chloe Jasmine Whichello

Age: 23

Bio: She calls herself a “fabulous Sloane” and spends her days taking tea in Harrods and singing whenever and wherever she can. Super-posh Chloe is Made in Chelsea, won a scholarship to private school and has published a self-titled book “full of poetry and pretty pictures”. Oh, and she’s also a dancer, actress and make-up artist. 

Name: Racquel Smith

Age: 22

Bio: Described as a fierce, feisty and flirty Jamaican, Raquel’s pet hate is attention junkies and limelight seekers (good luck, Chloe Jasmine…) Unafraid to speak her mind and in awe of Naomi, Racquel’s mum left when she was just one year old leaving her to be raised by other family members which she says, “wasn’t the best upbringing a girl could ask for.”

Name: Jessica Martin

Age: 24

Bio: Jessica’s early modelling career was cut short after she developed a blod clot in her lower body, sending her in and out of hospital for six months. Now she’s back for another bite of the cherry and she’s got more than one string to her bow, having toured with girl band Fanfare last year when they supported The Wanted. She’s also been the face of L’Oreal Feria hair colour. Busy lady… 


Name: Elaine Nturo

Age: 19

Bio: An instant hit with the judges, softly-spoken Elaine comes from a strict African Christian background and attends church regularly. She’s grown up in a single-parent family and wants to be a successful model so she can earn money to look after her mum who suffers from depression. 

Name: Natalie Ward

Age: 18

Bio: Natalie’s got brains and beauty, currently studying at Bournemouth University. She doesn’t see herself as a typical model – her impressive CV includes a place in the Scottish youth parliament and she aspires to be an MP. That, and she loves “stuffing my face.” 

Name: Sienna King

Age: 18

Bio: Sienna calls herself “ghetto Goth” so it’s unsurprising she’s into her fashion. A bit of a hipster, she has her own individual style, plays football and had never worn a pair of heels before she began modelling. 

Name: Nina Sethi

Age: 23

Bio: Athletic Nina describes herself as a gym bunny and claims to be one of the lads. Assistant manager for Hollister, you may have spotted her giggling at her rivals during auditions. She’s already nominated herself the “nastiest girl in the room” and claims to be “the life and soul of the party but very ambitious”. Ooh-er. 


Name: Brooke Theis

Age: 19

Bio: From Surrey but with Trinidadian roots, Brooke was scouted by Storm when she was just 15 but decided she wasn’t ready for a modelling career. Four years later, she’s changed her mind. From a working class background, she attended a posh boarding school and is currently studying English at Bristol University.

Name: Nina Strauss

Age: 19

Bio: Nina’s an old hand at televised modelling competitions after finishing fourth on Sweden’s Next Top Model last year. Describing herself as “goofy”, she’s already expressed reservations about living with a group of girls – she likes to imitate people and acknowledges she can be irritating. Bring on the fireworks…

Name: Nadine Mendes

Age: 20

Bio: When Nadine moved to the UK from Portugal five years ago, she couldn’t speak a word of English and was bullied at school. Once a trouble-maker, she says modelling has helped restore her confidence and suggests her softly spoken nature can be deceptive. 

Name: Eleanor Corcoran

Age: 19

Bio: An Essex girl trying to escape the Essex stereotype, Eleanor is a bit of a tomboy and fiercely competitive. She’s also rather busy, studying at university whilst working in both Hollister and Gilly Hicks, and as a part-time model. She “can’t stand selfish people who think the world revolves around them”.

The Face continues on Mondays at 9:00pm on Sky Living