Breaking Bad: Walter White will find ‘catharsis’ by the series end, says Bryan Cranston

"My hope was that Walter would be very satisfied with what he’s done. And he is," says Cranston of the finale to the hit US drama

Walter White, the drugs kingpin in hit AMC drama Breaking Bad, will find a form of catharsis at the end of the final ever series, says Bryan Cranston, the actor who plays him.


In an exclusive interview with, Cranston was asked if White, the chemistry teacher turned Crystal Meth supplier, will undergo catharsis, and he told us some viewers will believe he does – but that it comes at a cost.

“I think some will feel that, and yet what is the price that he paid?” said Cranston. “Just like [William Shakespeare’s] King Lear what was the price? He had the loss of his daughters, the splintering of a family and disintegration of a great king and a man to resemble a shadow of himself.”

Cranston said that fans’ feelings towards Walter would fluctuate right up until the end, but he would not reveal whether the character survives.

He said: “Here’s my prediction. Before all is said and done, you will continue to vacillate in your appeal and sympathy toward him and then your absolute anger toward him. And yet it is a tragedy. We’re talking about a Shakespearean story. This is about the downfall of man.

“The thing that affects people when they’re watching a tragedy, whether it’s Shakespeare or contemporary, is that the potential of the human being, the potential of a person, was there and it didn’t work out. If we’re introduced to a character that’s despicable and they continue their despicable nature, we don’t sense that as a tragedy because we hated them from the beginning. They’re just the villains.

“These last eight [episodes] is exactly what he had hoped for. And my hope was that he would be very satisfied with what he’s done. And he is. The ending of Breaking Bad is very unapologetic and appropriate and exciting. It’s a roller coaster ride.”

Fans of the hit show are eager to see the series to its conclusion.

In the second half of series five Walter is engaged in a cat-and-mouse game with his brother in law, drugs cop Hank Schrader (Dean Norris).

Dean Norris, who plays Hank, has also given an indication of how the series will be resolved, telling in a separate interview: “I think it comes to a tremendously satisfactory ending. I think these eight are the best episodes in the entire series, which means a lot because we have a lot of great episodes. Nothing is left and we put it all out there. Nothing is left on the table. It’s everything we’ve got. Acting, writing – it’s all out there.”


The fifth and final series of Breaking Bad is currently on Netflix, with the finale slated for 30 September.