Nigel Harman: There’s an aura around the set of Downton Abbey

The ex-EastEnder tells what it was like to join the cast of the hit ITV period drama

Former EastEnder Nigel Harman has spoken about the special “energy” he experienced on the set of Downton Abbey as he joined ITV’s hit period drama for the upcoming fourth series.


“It was weird,” Harman told “There was an aura about the set and about the people in it. There are a lot of fine actors on that show and they take their work very seriously, which I really like, but then they are also really effortless with it.”

“There was some energy in Ealing Studios [where the kitchen scenes are filmed] especially,” he continued. “There’s something about being down there. There’s a reverence to it.”

Harman said he was continually aware that he was working on a huge global phenomenon – not least because of the magnificent setting of the stately home that doubles as Downton Abbey.

“Some days you drive to Highclere [Castle] and you don’t need to be reminded of the size of it because you are literally looking at it. I mean, you walk out of your trailer and then there’s this massive stately home, and the grounds up there are extensive, and you’re just like, ‘Okay. So this is a big show’.”

“And a good show,” he added. “A really good show. Being part of it was good fun.”

Harman, who is known to EastEnders fans as bad boy Dennis Rickman, and stars in Sky drama Mount Pleasant, will play valet Mr Green in the Julian Fellowes drama, and told that his “incredibly charming” character was set to stir things up at the Abbey

Nigel Harman also stars in Mount Pleasant. The third series starts on 11 September on Sky Living