Flames, arrows and heroes in five new teasers for BBC1’s Atlantis

Juliet Stevenston and Mark Addy star in BBC1's new fantasy drama - but what else can we uncover from these brief trailers?

They are super short snippets. They really don’t give any plot details away. But with flame throwing, arrows and hooded oracles, these tiny teaser trailers give us an idea of the atmosphere of BBC1’s new fantasy drama Atlantis.


Starring Mark Addy and Juliette Stevenson, Altantis is tipped to fill the hole left by Merlin at the end of last year. But can we glean anything else from these teasers?

Three men – one of whom is Game of Thrones’ Mark Addy, and another who has taken his top off – march into a room. They don’t look happy.

The one who had his top off earlier is shot at from the walls of a fort. Luckily, he’s got super quick reactions.

You really are giving us very little to go on here, BBC1… Juliet Stevenson looks like she might know something important, though. Something to do with an oracle…

Ah, it seems Mr Topless is actually called Jason. Here he is throwing fire at the cameraman.

The most illusive of the teasers by far. What is clear, though, is that the legend of Atlantis is beginning. And we are all desperate to know what that means…

Atlantis comes to BBC1 this autumn