Emmerdale spoilers: Adam Barton arrested on suspicion of murder – Adam Thomas interview

After being framed by Cameron, Adam decides to flee the village


Adam Barton is to be put in the frame for Alex Moss’s murder in next week’s episodes after real killer Cameron Murray (Dominic Power) schemes to get him arrested.


The shock move comes after Adam is busted by the police for brawling with Declan (Jason Merrells), but little does he realise that Cam has engineered the confrontation.

“Adam hates Declan because of the history with Mia and Ella. And now that Declan’s trying to call in his investments, which apparently includes the farm, it’s like rubbing salt in the wound,” says actor Adam Thomas. “So Adam’s feeling really rubbish about everything when along comes crazy Cameron, who starts being all matey and even mends his quad for free.

“But Adam doesn’t realise that Cameron has an ulterior motive as he starts to talk about Declan and he’s winding him up further and further. Next thing you know, Adam’s in a frenzy and ranting and throwing himself at Declan in front of the police.”

So at what point does Adam realise that he’s being set up? “He’s at the station after he’s been arrested for punching Declan but he starts to get freaked when the coppers dealing with Alex’s murder rock up.

“They start talking about Adam’s grudge towards Declan and how Adam didn’t like Alex either. Slowly he starts putting two and two together and realises things aren’t looking good for him. The police have got statements but they won’t say who from. Both statements are talking about how Adam had a gripe with Declan and Alex. It’s not good, not good at all.”

Cameron, of course, has become very skilled at deception and subterfuge, which means that the trail of evidence linking Adam to Alex seems very plausible. So much so that when Adam is released from custody, even his mum Moira begins to doubt his innocence:

“It’s not the reception he would have wanted, to be honest,” says Thomas. “Moira tells him she’ll believe him if he says he didn’t do it, but she asks him the question all the same. Just her asking is enough to upset Adam. He’s really gutted by that.”

So with Adam’s options narrowing, he ends up seeking help from an unlikely source – Cain! “Yeah, who’d have thought it? Cain helping Adam out! But yes, he does help him out in a Cain kind of way.”

The result is that Adam plans to flee the village as quickly as possible, but surely this rash move will only make matters worse? “Probably. But he’s not thinking straight. Someone is trying to set him up for a murder he didn’t commit. That’s pretty scary if you ask me!”

And would the actor feel terrible for his character if he were to be sent down for the crime? “One word – yes! He didn’t do it. But hey, this is soap so you just never know what’s going to happen.”