Who should replace Louis Walsh on the X Factor?

Louis won’t give up his seat until the end of this series, but which one of these stars gets your vote as a replacement judge…?


Ok, so there’ve been more new X Factor judges than we’ve had hot dinners, but replacing Louis Walsh… Woah. That’s going to take some doing.


Not because we’re saying he’s the best judge since sliced bread, but because he’s always been there. Always. How will it go on without Louis tipping every act to win, crying when it gets a bit tough for them or comparing them to Lenny Henry. And who is going to wear a polo neck jumper under a blazer?

Obviously we’re hoping there’ll be a who’s the next Doctor-style reveal, in a glitzy studio that even Strictly Come Dancing would be jealous of.

But rather than wait until then, we thought we’d have some fun asking you to choose your own potential replacement judges. Cast your vote below…