EastEnders spoilers: Tyler Moon leaves Walford to join a cruise ship – preview pictures

Actor Tony Discipline's exit can be seen in the episode airing on Tuesday 6 August

Tony Discipline is to make his final appearance as Tyler Moon on Tuesday 6 August.


In his departing scenes, Tyler will be seen telling Alfie (Shane Richie) that he’s thinking of joining his brother Anthony on a cruise ship. But Alfie is quick to advise him that running away won’t solve his problems and that he should give his decision some thought.

Later, Tyler Tyler bumps into Whitney (Shona McGarty) and tells her about his plan to move abroad in order to test her reaction, but she doesn’t stop him leaving. Tyler then decides to leave that day, but when Poppy (Rachel Bright) hears the news she hurries and tells horrified Whitney.


Whitney rushes out into the street as Tyler is driving off in Danny’s flash Ferrari (the City boy has been tricked out of parting with his vehicle earlier in the day by a scheming Michael). Whit makes Tyler stop, all of which makes him wonder whether his ex is going to give him a reason not to go. But when she tells him she couldn’t let him leave without saying goodbye, Tyler tells Whitney he will always love her before driving off…