Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model exit interview – Laura Young

The latest contestant to leave the competition speaks to about that "horrendous" underwater shoot, her friendship with Emily and plans to study midwifery


She’s weathered four weeks of nerve-wracking eliminations but after a topsy turvy catwalk challenge followed by an underwhelming nude shoot, it was Laura Young’s turn to exit the competition to become Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model. caught up with the 19-year-old to hear all about house tensions, her friendship with Emily and why she’s heading back to school to finish her A-levels. 


Laura, how did you find your time in the competition?

Absolutely incredible. The best experience I’ve ever had. Surreal is definitely the word. 

Has it been strange watching footage of yourself? 

Oh god, it’s so weird. The first time I saw myself I had to hide behind a cushion because it was so strange. I watched [the nude shoot] with my mum – I did tell her but she wasn’t too impressed. She was worried that it would be a bit randy, but it was very tastefully done. 

Have you had much feedback from viewers watching the show?

There have been some lovely girls and boys following me on Twitter. There’s one girl on Twitter who is so lovely and funny, we have such a laugh. 

Which was your favourite shoot?

The topless shoot on the beach because I did really well. 

And your worst?

The underwater shoot. It was horrendous, it gives me shivers just thinking about it. It was possibly the worst feeling I’ve ever had while doing a shoot. I couldn’t wear my contact lenses or my glasses so I couldn’t see a thing. I was like, “I think the camera is in that direction so I’ll sink down there and try to face it.” 

Do you think the judges took that into account?

I don’t think they did, really. I was a bit jealous of the way Sarah got photo of the week when she struggled so hard. 

Obviously you got on pretty well with Emily…

We clicked on the second day of bootcamp and I don’t know if I’d have done so well without someone like Emily there to confide in. The cameras never used to catch us mucking around. One time we were each in our little onesies and she was sweeping the marble floors with me. I had a ball with that girl. 

Did you experience any bitchiness in the house? There’s been a fair bit of tension with Angel over the past few weeks…

Yeah, she’s quite difficult to be around, especialy when you’re not feeling your best which does happen a lot when you’re in the house. You get quite nervous and perhaps she was just a tiny bit annoying, but I do love Angel to bits. 

Did you get a chance to get to know the judges?

You never really get to know them because it’s a strictly judge-model relationship, but I did like Tyson’s humour and he’s got wicked trousers. And Elle said to me that it doesn’t matter what I want to do, I should just do it, whether I want to go back to college or go into modelling or become an actress – just go for it. 

So what do you want to do, Laura?

Because I was away for the amount of time I was, I wasn’t able to finish my A-levels so I’m back to college in September but before I go back I’m going to go to agencies and try and get signed. 

Will you quit full-time education if your modelling career takes off?

No, education is important to me. I absolutely love modelling but for my peace of mind I need something to fall back on which for me is school. If modelling doesn’t take off, I’ll go to university to study midwifery. 

What do you think went wrong in your final week?

It was probably the catwalk challenge. It went shockingly badly for me, I’m afraid. I could walk in that dress, it was the fact that the catwalk had steps and it was so tight around my knees – I couldn’t walk up them so I had to practically crawl. Very elegant, Laura, very elegant. 

Did you have a feeling it was going to be you going home?

Yes, clearly, because I’d already been in the bottom four a few times. You get a feeling that it’s going to be you, and it turned out to be right. 

And finally, it’s predictions time: who do you think will win?

I would like Emily to win, but the way things have been going, I think that Sarah might have it in the bag. She seem like a big favourite with the judges, especially considering how she’s so scared of water. I don’t know how she did that.


Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model continues on Thursdays at 9:00pm on Sky Living