Chris O’Dowd: Brad Pitt didn’t tell me off

Star of the IT Crowd, O’Dowd can’t quite believe that he’s famous, nor that Pitt wasn’t the one to call him up on talking through the Baftas…

Chris O’Dowd shot to prominence with the IT Crowd, had a starring role in one of the biggest films of recent years, Bridesmaids, and is about to be back on our screens in BBC2 comedy Family Tree.


But O’Dowd still can’t quite believe it’s all happened, telling this week’s Radio Times magazine that he’s still “trying to explain this extraordinary life change” that he’s going through.

O’Dowd says, “It feels like it was three weeks ago that I was working on a building site in London.”

It may feel that way to O’Dowd, but his stellar career means he’s more likely to be hob nobbling with celebs, than getting up to his elbows in cement.

But it doesn’t always go smoothly…

“When I went to the TV Baftas, it was great, but I was sitting beside one of the judges from Dragons’ Den and behind the guy who’s hosting Countdown. He kept telling us to shut up because we were talking,” O’Dowd says.

Yet, when he found himself in the self-same position with Brad Pitt – it was must better.

“At the movie Baftas I was sitting behind Brad Pitt. And you think – oh… this is a whole different thing. And let me tell you, Brad Pitt didn’t tell me off at all. He was perfectly charming.”


Read the full interview with Chris O’Dowd in this week’s Radio Times magazine, on sale Tuesday 9th July.