Coronation Street spoilers: Katy splits from Ryan and tries to get back with Chesney

"I don't think she ever stopped being in love with Ches. She'll always love him," says actress Georgia May Foote

Katy and Ryan (Sol Heras) are set to split in next week’s episodes after Beth and Kirk reveal that they spotted him with another woman.


“Ryan tells Katy that this girl is a club promoter that he met in town,” says Georgia May Foote, who plays Katy. “She believes him for a while, but she decides to suss him out when she notices that he keeps texting someone. Katy goes to check his phone and sees loads of messages from a girl called Jamie Lee and decides that she’s not going to be walked all over.”

After Ryan tells Katy that he’s meeting the club promoter at a bar, Katy heads over to find Ryan flirting with a woman. Making a point, Katy introduces herself as Ryan’s girlfriend and – from that point on – events quickly start to spiral out of control:

“When Katy walks in, she sees them sat drinking together and giggling and Ryan has his arm wrapped around Jamie Lee. Katy really sees red and she marches over, slams her bag on the table and demands to know what’s going on.

“The tall and short of it is that Katy feels embarrassed – she knows that this is exactly what she did to Chesney, but now she knows how it feels too and it’s made her realise what she’s done. She just feels so stupid.”

And is this all the evidence she needs to call things off? “Yes. Back on the street, she has a massive argument with Ryan, who is trying to make it up to her. But Katy is having none of it. To make matters worse, she then sees Chesney and Sinead together in the window. Ches does come out and try to make Katy feel better, but Katy then tries to tell him she’s sorry and that she wants to get back with him. At this point, Ches tells her that she can’t do this to him, that he’s with Sinead and that Katy has made her bed.”

Later in the week, Katy calls on Chesney (Sam Aston) and throws herself on his mercy, apologising for hurting him and begging for another chance. But have her feelings for Ches been rekindled merely because things have gone so sour with Ryan?

“I don’t think she ever stopped being in love with Ches,” says Foote. “She’ll always love him and now she also realises how well he treated her. And when she finds out that he and Sinead are having their ups and downs, it gives her a glimmer of hope. Whether it would work if they got back together though is a different story.

“Plus she’s also really jealous of Sinead. She gives Sinead the dirtiest looks! She feels as though Katy’s just come along and jumped in her grave. She doesn’t like her being around Joseph either. Basically, Katy misses the family unit – she came from a broken home and she want that neither for her or Joseph.”

Katy has certainly been put through the romantic wringer these last few months and undergone something of an image makeover after leaving Ches for Ryan. So would Foote like to see her character get back with the father of her child?

I would like to see them try again, but then I really like this new Katy that has come out of all this. She’s feisty! And I like the character on her own too and the problems that come with Katy and Chesney being separated but having a child together.

“Plus she gets to be glam in a completely different way to myself. Katy’s idea of glam is just a little bit more mascara than usual and a slick of lipgloss. It’s been a good change, although it takes longer in make up and I like to be in and out.”


And has it been nice having two lads fighting over Katy? “Sol is so laid back and so is Sam,” laughs the actress. “Sam is like my best mate, we’re really good friends. In fact, they are so chilled out that there was no fighting involved!”