Emmerdale spoilers: Debbie and Cameron to sleep together – preview pictures

But actor Dominic Power hints at dark times ahead in the coming months

Old feelings are set to resurface for Debbie Dingle and Cameron Murray with the pair giving in to their passions.


“He’s never really stopped loving her,” admits Dominic Power, who plays Cameron. “And although Debbie’s confused and not particularly trusting of Cameron, she’s never really lost her feelings for him either. Suddenly they’ve had these moments alone because everyone else has ditched Debbie. And it’s that intimacy that has brought those old feelings back. They find they can’t control themselves.”

Viewers will next week see Debbie (Charley Webb) and Cameron rekindle their passion in secret after he stops her from leaving the village with her children following a recent fall-out that has seen Debbie banned from seeing Sarah and Jack.

“She’s checking in at the airport and waiting for her flight. And Cameron says that if she doesn’t stop and listen to him he’ll kick off and make a scene in front of the kids. And he just convinces her that it’s not the right thing to do and that she should come back.”

Surely, though, Cameron has enough secrets in his life without conducting a clandestine relationship with his ex behind the back of current girlfriend Chas (Lucy Pargeter)?

“Yes, he does feel guilty, but his moral compass is so skewed right now. But he’s trying to stop someone that he truly loves from leaving and making the mistake of her life. Plus he’s just sick of the mess and he feels that being with Debbie is like going back to a period when times were simpler. Before Carl King and his bullying and his threats.”


And what of Cameron’s crimes – what lies ahead for the two-time killer who’s currently evaded capture. Surely the future can’t be filled with relationship bliss? “Well, I do know where it’s all leading to,” laughs Power. “And as I said at the Soap Awards, had they taken place in four or five months’ time, Cameron would have won hands down. It’s going to get a lot darker for him and even more explosive.”