Justin Bieber’s cat and five other famous animals on Twitter

Yes, a spoof celebrity animal account probably has more followers than you…

It’s not enough these days to be a famous singer, Prince, Duke or comedy star with hoards of Twitter fans. Oh, no. You’ve really made it when your pet has lots of followers, too.


As Justin Bieber’s cat enters the Twittersphere, we celebrate other celebrities with faithful pals who enjoy a weighty following…

Justin Bieber’s cat Tuts aka @mrsgarfieldx

Tuts may be new to the world of Twitter – she’s not even verified yet – but she’s already racked up 3,813 followers.

Bieber fans will no doubt be clamouring to find out what Tuts has to say, given her up-close-and-personal access to the man himself.

Tuts gives little insights into ‘conversations’ she has with Justin. “You gotta laugh a lot. It’s healthy” Justin is said to have said to her, to which she replied by posting a picture of a grinning cat.

Oh the laughs they have.

But it’s not all fun and games for Tuts. She wails, “It’s hard to be a famous cat.”

Dom Joly’s Cat aka @domjolyscat

Between tweeting his owner Dom Joly and supporting cat rescuing services, Dom Joly’s Cat spends most of his time sending catty comments to Donald Trump.

Indeed, his profile reveals: “I have dedicated one of my nine lives to insulting Donald Trump.”

Dom Joly’s Cat boasts 5,022 followers while only following 52 carefully selected individuals. We think Lord Sugar needs to be added to this list, given he also spends a fair amount of time tweeting rude things at Donald Trump.

Andy Murray’s dog Maggie May aka @maggiemay_hem

Andy Murray’s two border terriers are almost as famous as him. Especially after Andy posted an adorable snap of them last year wearing his Olympic medals. Maggie May got to wear the gold, Rusty got saddled with the silver, obviously.

Maggie May enjoys posting pictures of herself out and about, with classic captions such as “I’m a Border north of the border”.

Plus, she even throws in a few tennis jokes for good measure: “I’ve currently got more followers than @rogerfederer, enjoying it while it lasts… I’ll even chuck him an early #ff”.

Maggie May tots up an impressive 16,798 followers and follows a mere 30 – including a fair few dogs, Andy and mum Jamie Murray and Classic FM.

Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William’s dog Lupo aka @HRH_Lupo

Amid all the royal baby news, poor Lupo, the Duke and Duchess’s furry pal, is feeling a little blue.

He told his 3,480 followers that there’s “Lots of talk about taking me to the ‘sea’ in South London when the royal baby comes. Apparently Paul O’Grady lives there.”

We’re sure it’s not true. After all he tweets a lot about “Granny Windsor” joining him for walkies.

Although we’re not sure he and the Queen’s corgis see eye-to-eye after he celebrated his Christmas trip to the Middletons’ by tweeting that he wouldn’t have to share his pressies with “those pesky corgis”. 

However, Pippa may not want him back after he wrote: “Oh no. Aunt Pippa’s planning a new book full of tips on how to be pregnant. ‘If you want to become a mother, start by having a baby’ she says”.

#Awkward as the Queen would tweet.

Taylor Swift’s cat Meredith aka @MeredithKitty

Between sharing fashion advice and giving award acceptance speech tweets, Meredith likes to drum up support for mum Taylor.

Vote for Taylor “or I will maul your face with my claws” being one of her many tweets. 

Meredith has an impressive 8,612 and is the most friendly of our four-legged tweeters so far, following 328 other accounts.

They’re mainly fake Taylor accounts or super-fan accounts. But you know, she’s making an effort.

Meredith seems to live a pretty peachy life though. “I’m probably the only cat who drinks smart water with a straw,” she boasts.

50 Cent’s dog Oprah Winfree aka @OprahTheDog

Oprah loves a good chat with dad 50 Cent’s fans. Between passing on well wishes, Oprah is sure to spread the news on new tracks, performances and when his dad is out of town – so he can have parties and the like.

He’s got some good banter, with 12,435 followers, and clearly doesn’t take his life as a celeb dog too seriously:

“So my dad @50cent thins I should be thankful for the mention on Oprah… OK… just left you a BIG thank you present in your office… ENJOY!”


His background image even suggests he got arrested for ‘urination on a hydrant’. It’s just how he rolls.