Coronation Street spoilers: David Platt goes on a sledgehammer rampage – preview pictures

"He's already decided that this is only the beginning and that it isn't going to end here," says Jack P Shepherd as David seeks revenge on Nick

David Platt is to tear Nick’s (Ben Price) flat apart in next week’s episodes after learning about wife Kylie’s (Paula Lane) infidelity with his brother.


When he overhears Kylie talking about the fact that her baby might be Nick’s, David will be seen bottling up his heartbreak before leashing his anger and trashing the Victoria Court apartment, breaking anything he can in the process. But could this just be the start of a campaign of vengeance?

 “Yes. I think he’s already decided that this is only the beginning and that it isn’t going to end here,” says Jack P Shepherd, who plays David. “David’s managed to get a key to the flat so he can get in and out whenever he wants. He’s decided that Nick is the one he’ll punish.”

The shock outburst of rage comes at the end of a tumultuous week for David, who first considers suicide after deciding not to confront Kylie about her actions. On a weekend away with the wife who he feels has betrayed him, David stands on the edge of a cliff staring into the precipice:

“David needs to get away from Kylie so he decides to run. He runs and runs through this forest until he reaches a cliff edge. I did a lot of running for this scene – my legs have only just stopped killing me!” explains Shepherd. “It’s a big drop and there’d be no way back if you fell over the edge. He is contemplating jumping. He thinks he might as well go and then he’ll never have to know whose baby Kylie is really carrying. But then he gets a phone call from Max, which brings David back to reality.”

And is it at this point that he starts to formulate his plan of revenge? “Kylie comes up to the cliff to find him and they leave together to go back home. At that point he tells Kylie that he loves her and when he gets back to Weatherfield he goes for a drink with Nick. It’s then that he starts to say strange things to his brother about ‘paying him back’ for everything that Nick’s ever done for him. It’s loaded with hidden meaning.”


Yet despite the sledgehammer-related reprisal that follows, could David ever find a way to forgive Nick and Kylie? “A lot of it depends on whose baby it turns out to be. I think if it’s David’s then he could probably forgive her, but I can’t see him ever forgiving Nick. And if the baby does turn out to be Nick’s, then David will not be around to see how that turns out.”