Alex Jones: I once nearly poisoned Paul Hollywood

She broke her arm watching Dynasty and made Pamela Anderson run - what else has The One Show host been up to…

What can’t you miss?


The Tudor season on the BBC. I’ve had a fascination since I studied the Tudors for A-level. It’s all there: love, lust, murder.

What makes you blush?

The Valleys. It’s kind of like Towie or Made in Chelsea but based in the Welsh valleys. You have to see it to believe it – and it doesn’t make you greatly proud of your nation.

Do you and your boyfriend Charlie Thompson come to blows over anything?

Robson Green’s Extreme Fishing. I don’t mind nature programmes but not on a constant loop. And he deletes everything I record on the sly when I’m not here!

Childhood favourite?

The treat on a Friday night was being allowed to stay up to watch Dynasty. During one episode I fell down the stairs and broke my arm because I was wearing my mother’s high heels and dressing gown. After that I had to sit and watch it quietly; I wasn’t allowed to pretend to be Alexis or Krystle any more!

If you were a channel controller…

I’d make Strictly a year-round event. The world of glitter should be on every day to cheer us all up.

Could you be tempted to be the host?

Absolutely! Obviously it’s escapism but it’s also what family shows should be about. It’s warm, traditional, Saturday-night viewing that brings all ages together, from toddlers to grandmothers.

What would you like to ban?

It sounds really old-fashioned but I think there are too many of these reality shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which have a very negative effect on impressionable girls. It’s a worry.

In what way?

They think that’s what they should be aiming for – to be the next Katie Price – and it makes them self- conscious and unconfident about their bodies at such a young age.

I don’t think it’s healthy. When I was young there wasn’t all this emphasis on tanning, whitening your teeth and having boob enlargements. If I ever become a mother I’m going to be really careful about what my daughter watches on television.

Are you conscious that you need to be a more positive role model?

Very. That’s why I don’t think you should witter on about dieting, and why most of the clothes I wear on TV are from the high street – you don’t have to spend a fortune to look nice.

Who did you look up to when you were younger?

Davina McCall. I still really admire her and Claudia Winkleman because they do the job so well, and balance it with motherhood.

You’ve presented a few programmes on Radio 2 – do you fancy a full-time swap from TV?

I’d definitely like to do more. You’re not constricted by the boundaries of television; on radio you’ve a lot longer. It’s just getting to that stage where you’re very relaxed and sound it – because nobody wants to listen to somebody really stressed out!

Which One Show guests caused you most stress?

Pamela Anderson was tricky because she stared at the monitor the whole time to see how she looked, so she wasn’t engaging in the conversation. Then she ran off because we showed a picture of her that she didn’t like.


Eastenders or Corrie? Eastenders

Michael McIntyre or John Bishop? It’s impossible to choose

News at 10 or HIGNFY? News at 10

Call the Midwife or Game of Thrones? Call the Midwife

MasterChef or Bake Off? Back off, although I’m a hopeless baker. I once nearly poisoned Paul Hollywood!


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