Coronation Street: Michelle Collins – Stella will be devastated by Karl’s actions

The actress also reveals what she makes of the refurbishment at the Rovers: “I don’t like those seats. They’re too pale. They’ll get covered in stains what with all those little old men who sit on them"

Actress Michelle Collins has revealed that Stella Price will be left traumatised should she discover the truth about the actions of murderous fiancé Karl Munro:


“It’s going to be devastating for her,” said the actress a Corrie press event in Manchester. “It will completely and utterly change her life. But what’s she going to do? Is she going to go over the edge? Who knows? All I do know is that Karl and Stella are planning to get married. I don’t know whether we actually go through with the wedding, but I am going to go and look at dresses.”

Speaking about the prospect of Karl’s crimes being exposed, Collins added: “It’ll be great fun for me as an actress but it’s also going to be a big challenge. It’s a bit strange as well because John Michie and I have had some great stuff together these past two years and suddenly it’s all coming to this.”

Back in March, viewers saw Karl set fire to the Rovers Return, an act that brought about the demise of both Sunita Alahan and firefighter Toni Griffiths. Next week, the beloved Weatherfield boozer will reopen in an episode to be aired on Sunday 26 May at 9pm. But Collins, whose character Stella will be back behind the bar as landlady, isn’t exactly a fan of the pub’s refurbishment:

“I don’t like those seats. They’re too pale. They’ll get covered in stains what with all those little old men who sit on them,” she laughed. “But it’s slightly bigger now so it’s easier for us to work in there. They can get cameras into very strange places in that pub. It’s always a nightmare to film in the Rovers and everyone looks horrendous. Well, everyone apart Michelle Keegan!”

And Collins was also quick to offer up a theory regarding Stella’s controversial decision to get back with Karl despite previously warning Dev about the perils of reuniting with Sunita:

“Well, that’s women for you, isn’t it? We say one thing and we do another. At the end of the day, I think Stella has always loved Karl. She was very hurt by what he did to her, she lost Sunita as a friend and her whole life was torn apart. And then obviously the fire happened and she had this near-death experience and her hero saved her life. She’s devoted to him and love is blind.


“Even Leanne is trying to make her see sense, so she’s ended up split between her daughter and her partner. She’s in a really difficult situation but she never wanted to hurt anyone. She is a bit like Saint Stella, isn’t she?”