Vicky McClure: Bake Off had me hooked

"It sends me into a trance and I love cake!"

What’s the best job in TV?


Having a job! As actors, you can spend large chunks of time without work, so being in work generally is something we’re really grateful for. I hope to write at some point. I’d love to write a comedy drama.

Which programme would you resurrect?

I used to love sitting down with my family to watch Soldier, Soldier. Robson and Jerome were amazing so it’d be great to get them back together.

What will TV be like in 30 years’ time?

I read an article about inserting mobile phones into people’s arms and glasses with screens on them… I don’t like it. But it’s funny, isn’t it? A mobile phone starts off like a brick and ends up like a tiny thing, and now the phones are getting bigger again and you can watch TV on them.

Who should win the RT Audience Award?

I’m going to go Bake Off – I was hooked! It just sends me into a trance and I love cake!


The British Academy Television Awards are on Sunday 12 May at 8:00pm on BBC1.