Holly Willoughby on Peppa Pig, period dramas and happy endings

"I don’t like a sad ending. I have even watched Titanic and stopped the DVD before they hit the iceberg. Why put myself through it?"


Which recent programme have you enjoyed the most?


I loved Mr Selfridge and can’t wait for the new series. Jeremy Piven was amazing in it. We interviewed him on This Morning [the ITV show she co-presents with Phillip Schofield]: he waltzed in and was just as charismatic and friendly
as I thought he’d be.

What do you wake up to?

I actually don’t listen to anything in the morning. I write up my notes for This Morning in the car and I can’t concentrate with the radio on. I read the papers instead.

Perfect viewing for a night in?

I get up early so I can’t watch anything that starts at 10pm! So I’ll watch whatever the big drama is at 9pm. Or something from [streaming service] Netflix. Box sets and Netflix suit my lifestyle. I’m obsessed with Lie to Me at the moment. I love Tim Roth so much, it’s ridiculous.

Comedy or tragedy?

I don’t like a sad ending. I have even watched Titanic and stopped the DVD before they hit the iceberg. Why put myself through it? I’d much rather watch a drama or a film with a happy ending.

Last time you screamed at the TV?

When professional skater Mark Hanretty popped his shoulder out on Dancing on Ice. Having worked on that show, I could just imagine what was going on in the gallery. Phil Schofield handled it so brilliantly.

Last time you cried watching television?

The Mary Berry Story, where she talked about her son dying in that tragic car accident. She was describing how they’d had Sunday lunch together and she was basically describing my Sunday lunchtime, when all the family get together. I couldn’t stop crying. She’s an amazing woman.

Which TV programme would you resurrect?

I do think it’s a shame there’s no live Saturday-morning children’s TV any more. Most presenters now – me and Reggie Yates, Fearne Cotton, Phil Schofield, Cat Deeley, Ant and Dec – came from kids’ telly. So you do wonder where the next generation will come from.

What’s on your kids’ watchlist?

Peppa Pig is a lifesaver. I don’t know what it is, but kids of all ages are obsessed with it. But my son Harry will also watch lots of 1970s Spiderman films over and over.

Is there a show you’d like to be in?

A period drama. Downton Abbey or Mr Selfridge, because of the clothes! It’s all about putting on a corset and a big frou-frou dress, isn’t it? I love all that girlie stuff.

Who would play you in the story of your life?

Miss Piggy! We have the same taste in dresses, and I like her attitude.

Who’s the most famous name in your phone?

Phil Schofield, of course!

Has anyone left you starstruck?

The first time I met Joan Collins I thought, “I have to look fabulous, because she knows how to dress and always looks fantastic.” So I was Louboutin-ed up to the eyeballs. She said, “I love your shoes”, and I said, “Thank you. Louboutin. I love yours”, and she said, “Thank you. Office.” I loved her even more for rocking a high-street shoe.


1. The Killing or Midsomer Murders? The Killing

2. Jamie Oliver or Nigel Slater? Jamie Oliver

3. The Voice or BGT? They’re both great, but I have to sat The Voice.

4. Radio 1 or Radio 2? Radio 1

5. Towie or Made in Chelsea? I met Francis from Made in Chelsea recently and we’re having lunch soon!


Holly co-presents The Voice UK (Saturday BBC1) and This Morning (Mon – Thu ITV) and captains a team on Celebrity Juice (Thu ITV2)