Irene Adler’s secret revealed in Sherlock Holmes update Elementary

Spoiler alert – viewers can expect a revelation about the detective’s former girlfriend in the finale of the US show

With the season finale of US Sherlock Holmes update Elementary approaching, the identity of arch-nemesis Moriarty is not the only revelation in store.


As Jonny Lee Miller’s detective careers towards a showdown with the as-yet-unseen villain he believes murdered his one true love Irene Adler, he’s in for a shock – she’s still alive.

So far, fans have only seen Irene – played by British Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer – in flashbacks set in Sherlock’s native London. But the penultimate episode of the first series, entitled The Woman, will see her return from beyond the grave.

Sherlock must delve into their time together in an attempt to unravel how and why she tricked him – and what exactly is the connection between the woman he loved and the man he is now enagaging in a deadly battle of wits.


Elementary airs on Sky Living in the UK. The two-part finale will be shown across two weeks at 9pm on Tuesday 21 and 28 May.