Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

29 April-3 May: Paul finally faces his grief, while Lucas and Vanessa have Patrick baptised before his operation

Monday 29 April


Worried about Ajay and afraid of adding to his troubles, Rani keeps herself busy by taking care of him and their house. But when pushed by Susan to return to school, she can’t refuse without giving herself away. Hoping for a normal day, she’s thrown by Callum and Bailey’s suggestion of a memorial for Priya. Again, she’s forced to agree in order to maintain her cover, but during Callum’s eulogy she breaks down and runs out. Alone with Callum, she eventually admits she’s not doing as well as she’s pretending. Despite her breakthrough, and Ajay’s heartfelt attempts to get her to confide in him, Rani continues to pretend to be coping. But alone that night, it becomes clear Rani’s struggling more than anyone realises: she’s seeing and speaking to the ghost of Priya. 

Chris and Kyle’s awkward behaviour tips Vanessa off to the reprinted photograph. Buying a copy of the magazine to confirm it, she confronts them, humiliated. They apologise, explaining their concern that Lucas might not react well to the picture in light of what happened with his ex girlfriend, Emilia. Vanessa comes clean to Lucas despite her fears that she might lose him, explaining she was young and desperate at the time. Having learned his lesson, Lucas is supportive. But what drove Vanessa to pose for the photo in the first place?

Worried about Rani, Susan encourages her to return to school. But seeing Ajay too wrapped up in his case against Paul to pay Rani much attention, Susan believes she’s found the reason Rani won’t open up about her feelings. She’s encouraged to see Rani finally cry after the school memorial for Priya, thinking she’s finally on the right track. But when Ajay reveals Rani didn’t tell him about the memorial, Susan tries to make him see that he’s not making Rani feel like she can speak honestly about her feelings.  

Tuesday 30 April

To Ajay’s surprise, Rani seems to be coping well in the aftermath of Priya’s death, saying she’s happy she’s returned to school. But when Priya re-appears in the Kapoor kitchen, it becomes clear Rani’s not dealing with things as well as it seems. After she has a run-in with Alister at school, Susan becomes concerned for Rani’s state of mind but her suggestion of counselling is fiercely rejected – Rani maintains she’s fine, she just needs people to leave her alone. Callum’s concern also grows when he suggests visiting Priya’s tree and Rani overreacts, refusing to discuss it.  She’s obviously not coping. 

Ajay learns Paul has offered Elaine $200,000 to waive her right to sue Lassiters over the explosion. He forcefully urges her to ignore the offer and stay the course with their class-action, unaware of the pressure he’s putting her under. When Vanessa learns of Elaine’s distress, she confronts both Ajay and Paul – accusing them of torturing a defenceless woman.

Tormented in the aftermath of her break-up, Georgia can’t sleep. She distracts herself with work, pulling double shifts at the hospital and Sonya becomes alarmed, urging her to talk about her problems rather than avoid them. Georgia won’t open up, however, and later her fatigue almost has serious consequences when she mixes up a patient’s medication.

Wednesday 1 May 

As the Turner kids become increasingly aware of their parent’s tension, Mason hatches a plan. He sets up a street cricket game, hoping to bring the family together. But it backfires and in the aftermath, both Matt and Lauren publicly lose their cool. While the kids worry about what this means for their family, Toadie and Sonya are forced to mediate, urging both Matt and Lauren to open up to each other about their issues. However when they finally confront each other, things escalate again and Matt accuses Lauren of playing favourites, claiming Mason’s always been her first priority and that’s why she’s really struggling to forgive him. Lauren’s left rattled – could Matt be right?

Ajay backs down and urges Elaine to take Paul’s settlement, but he’s quick to point out to Paul that the case is far from over. When Susan approaches him with her concerns about Rani, Ajay realises his vendetta has made him lose sight of his own daughter’s pain. In an honest moment with Rani, he admits the depth of his own grief. Touched, Rani in turn admits her worry that her mother died believing she hated her. Ajay reassures Rani that Priya knew how much Rani loved her. But when she’s alone, Rani sees another vision of Priya, begging it to confirm what Ajay said. When the vision remains silent. Rani’s no closer to resolving her guilt.

Disturbed by Paul’s behaviour over the settlement, Kate urges him to deal with his grief over Priya’s death, worried that if he continues pushing people away, he’ll end up completely alone. Hopeful he’s taken her advice on board, Kate’s shocked to find a strange younger woman in their house the next morning. And she’s even more concerned when Paul tells her if she doesn’t like how he’s living his life, she can leave.

Thursday 2 May

Faced with Paul’s out-there behaviour, Kate considers moving out, but is torn because  she knows he’s driven by grief. Paul learns from Matt that the police report will find the accident at Lassiters was down to “user error” – in other words, Paul is responsible. He’s shattered, but is forced to swallow his guilt and grief when Ajay visits to assure him that he will use this new information to destroy Paul. Later, Kate comes home to find a guilt-ridden Paul at last facing his own grief. Meanwhile, a near accident with a barbecue convinces Kyle and Chris that there is something wrong with the gas bottle. They take their suspicions to the police, and a sober Paul later reports to Ajay that a new report will be issued, exonerating him and blaming the gas bottle supplier. Ajay’s stunned, and finds it hard to let go of his crusade, but Karl counsels him to sit with his grief. Paul visits Priya’s tree, cutting a lonely figure as he grieves for the woman he loved. 

Noting that Matt and Lauren are still at odds, Toadie recruits Karl and Susan to offer marriage guidance. Susan and Karl invite the Turners for lunch in the hope that an enjoyable shared experience will give them something positive to build on. However, the meal strikes a wrong note from the beginning as Karl and Susan begin to bicker. The Turners squirm in their chairs and can’t wait to escape. Comparing notes afterward, they acknowledge that beneath Karl and Susan’s bickering is a whole lot of liking, a recognition that leads to them renewing their affection for one another. But their peace is short-lived when Matt receives a threatening anonymous message.

Kyle feels shut out by Georgia and can’t help feeling she’s shooting the messenger. Chris counsels patience, and Kyle tries to take his advice on board, approaching Georgia in the spirit of friendship. An awkward conversation ensues, and when Georgia cuts and runs again, Kyle’s convinced she’s avoiding him. But is he misinterpreting the situation?

Friday 3 May

The day of Patrick’s operation arrives and although both parents are nervous, Lucas is optimistic about the future. He and Vanessa brace themselves for what Patrick’s about to go through, having him baptised ahead of the surgery in a bittersweet ceremony. The operation begins and, as they endure the long wait, an offhand comment from Lucas makes Vanessa worry about how they’ll relate to each other once they don’t have Patrick’s illness to focus on. Vanessa’s reassured by Sonya, and she looks forward to living a normal life with the man she loves and her son. Finally Karl delivers the news that Patrick has come through the surgery well. Vanessa and Lucas share their relief. However, Karl takes Lucas aside and reveals that a routine screening of blood Lucas donated for Patrick has revealed some abnormalities. Lucas is gutted to hear it’s possible he has cancer. But he refuses to tell Vanessa about it.

Matt is convinced the threatening letter is from Robbo, trying to blackmail him. He urges his family to stop keeping secrets, and deal with this together. He wants them to be vigilant and let him know if they hear of anything suspicious – especially from Robbo. But Lauren senses Amber isn’t as on board as the rest of the family, and pushes her to confess she doesn’t believe Robbo sent the letter. When Mason catches Amber secretly sending messages to Robbo, an argument ensues and Matt’s had enough of seeing his family at odds. He decides to confess everything about the Mr Isa robbery to his boss, so Robbo has nothing to hold over them anymore. However, rather than risk his job or Bailey’s future, Lauren convinces him to stick to their plan and handle things themselves. Mason’s relieved by his dad’s decision, and apologises for the trouble he’s caused. The Turners finally seem to be functioning as a family again.


Sheila finally gets Paul to agree to make her manager of Charlie’s, and wastes no time in hiring a new staff member. Everyone agrees new barman Pete is very easy on the eye, but when Paul sees he’s pretty useless as a barman, he wants him sent packing. Sheila urges him to give her till the end of the day and Paul’s stunned when, a few hours later, Pete proves a huge hit with the punters. A thrilled Sheila informs Paul that they’ve found a goldmine.