Coronation Street spoilers: Jane Danson – Leanne could be Karl’s next victim

When Leanne objects to the prospect of Stella marrying Karl, she finds herself the victim of threats

Leanne is on a mission next week when she learns that Karl (John Michie) has proposed to her mum Stella (Michelle Collins). Convinced that it’s only a matter of time before Karl hurts her mum again, Leanne wastes no time in telling Stella how she feels:


“She’s not happy!” says Jane Danson, who plays Leanne. “She tells them she won’t be there that day and that whatever date they choose she’ll choose, she’ll be busy. She’s basically washing her hands of the whole situation. Maybe Leanne could be the next victim of Karl, although I’m hoping not! Who knows? I can’t second guess what he might do, but Karl’s character is certainly an interesting one.”

After Leanne warns Stella that marrying her ex would be a terrible mistake, a furious Karl threatens Leanne in the street, telling her to stop poisoning Stella against him or she’ll regret it. So how does this confrontation leave Leanne feeling? 

“She does bravado really well and she would never show him to his face that she’s scared, but deep down she knows that Karl does potentially have very dark ways. She’s not great at giving second chances, even though she herself is quite flawed.

“I think essentially Leanne sees him as a bit of a challenge. He’s quite a big bloke and quite strong so he could physically scare her. There’s a scene where he grabs her by the wrist and she tells him she isn’t scared of him. But when he walks off, we see that she’s visibly shaken.”

But why is Leanne so unforgiving of Karl’s past misdemeanours? “In her eyes, he’s a complete loser,” says Danson. “She’s quick to forget that he technically saved her mum and she’s constantly trying to remind Stella that he cheated on her, and not only did he cheat but he then went to live on the same street as her with his new girlfriend. He humiliated Stella so publicly and Leanne’s not going to forgive him for that. But then Leanne does think she of herself as a saint and she isn’t at all! On this occasion, though, she’s digging her heels in and will not be shifted.”


So would Danson like to see Karl exposed for his crimes or would she prefer for his true villainy to remain concealed for a while longer? “I would like it to be drawn out slowly as we do all love working together. It’s going to be very interesting to see which way this storyline goes.”