Soap spoilers! The week ahead in Coronation Street, Emmerdale and EastEnders

Katy is back in the arms of kebab guru Ryan in Weatherfield, while Debbie takes Chas hostage at gunpoint in Emmerdale

Coronation Street


Is the one loyal love of Chesney’s life destined to remain his late lamented dog Schmeichel? It looks that way given the current state of affairs with Katy, who this week is back in the arms of kebab guru Ryan. Gary’s allegiances are also coming into question as Tommy wonders whether he’s getting just a bit too close to Tina. There’s little doubt, though, about Mary’s bond with Asha and Aadi: we’re talking Supernanny status here.


Kane, the gang leader with the face only a mother could love, returns to intimidate Liam with his full range of menacing glares. Only this time his location of choice isn’t the Byron estate, but Bianca’s kitchen at No 31 Albert Square. Michael, meanwhile, is doing his best to grind down Janine with a punishing schedule of toddler groups. Plus Ava gets new neighbours who are into dodgy motors and off-the-shoulder mesh tops. Yes, it’s Max and Kirsty.



Debbie “Capone” Dingle goes all Guy Ritchie as she takes Chas hostage at gunpoint in a barn. What? That’s about as believable as Megan Macey going on a mission to evict the Spencers and getting a punch in the face from Rachel for her troubles. Oh right, that’s happening too, is it… Amid the mayhem we also have Charity on the warpath after she makes a startling discovery. Get ready for trouble, Jai — your wife knows you’re the Daddy!