Coronation Street spoilers: Jimmi Harkishin on Dev and Sunita’s split

Tonight's episodes see the Alahans in trouble as their relationship is rent asunder before Sunita becomes trapped in the Rovers Return fire

Actor Jimmi Harkishin has been talking about the upcoming scenes in tonight’s episodes of Coronation Street that see Dev tell Sunita (Shobna Gulati) that their relationship is over.


Last Friday’s instalments saw Stella (Michelle Collins) telling Dev that she believed he was making a mistake in reconciling with Sunita. And it now seems that her words have had the desired effect:

“The problem is that he’s already promised Sunita that he’ll sell the shop and the house and that they’ll move with the kids elsewhere to start a new life where nobody knows them. But when Stella questions his decision, he puts the ultimate question to Sunita: he asks her if she really loves him,” reveals Harkishin.

But is it a question to which Dev already knows the answer? “There is great sadness when he asks her that question. Dev’s not stupid, but Stella’s asked him a question that he already knew needed to be asked, but it’s sometimes easier for other people to be frank about it. If he doesn’t ask now, it will be asked a few years down the line, when the fog of love has cleared.

“He wants to know the truth, beyond how much he adores her and how much of a wonderful mother she is and beyond him understanding why she did what she did with Karl. He just wants to know whether she loves him, but she can’t say that she does.”

Dev then tells Sunita that it’s over between them, but is that what he really wants? “When he says it’s over, I think what he means is that the idea of them selling up, starting somewhere else and living happily ever after is over,” explains Harkishin. “He’s not doing that anymore because now he knows it’s not real. He realises that they’ll leave the Street, uproot the kids miles from home and yet she’s still not going to love him, so what’s the point?

“What he’s saying is that he’ll carry on, he’ll still love her, but he can’t give everything up for her. If she doesn’t love him, he can’t leave and go and live with her because it hurts and he’ll constantly be looking over his shoulder wondering what’s going on.”

Unfortunately, the stark reality of staying in Weatherfield becomes all too plain when Sunita ends up trapped in the fire that is set to consume the Rovers Return. So how has it been for Harkishin working on such an explosive storyline?


“I can’t think of it as being as big as it actually is – it’s really overwhelming! I just have to knuckle down and give it my best. It’s a massive privilege because the writing is so fantastic. Filming has been hard though – we’ve been doing day and night shoots. So it’s been difficult and certainly the hardest thing I’ve done.”