Coronation Street: Georgia May Foote reveals all about Katy and Ryan’s passion

"I don't think it's love - it's definitely more like lust," says the actress

Oh what a tangled web young Katy Armstrong is weaving. Next week will see the young mum desperately trying to hide her feelings for Ryan (Sol Heras), but her jealousy surfaces with a vengeance when he sets up a date with her friend Steph. Her efforts to turn Steph against the man she fancies results in a confrontation between Katy and Ryan that ends with a passionate kiss.


Their affair now ignited, Ryan and Katy seek time in each other’s company – but what of Chesney (Sam Aston) in all of this? In complete ignorance of what’s going on behind his back, he’s planning to get down on bended knee and propose to Katy. But when Gary (Mikey North) catches Katy and Ryan together, how long will they be able to keep their secret from Ches? Actress Georgia May Foote, who plays Katy, tells us what to expect from this tumultuous week on the Street:

So, what are Katy’s feelings for Chesney? Is she having doubts about him being the right man for her?
I think she’d been plodding along as usual until she went out with her friends. That’s when she started to think differently. It made her realise that she doesn’t get any attention off Chesney and that maybe there’s something more out there for her.

Is she having regrets about having a baby so young?
I don’t think she necessarily regrets it, but I think she’s aware that she wants more in life. She does say at one point that maybe she wants more than being settled with a baby. She’s ready for everything that she’s missed out on.

When did Katy start becoming attracted to Ryan? 
It was only when her friends started to make a fuss of him that she actually started to look at him differently. And then, of course, when he started to be nice to her. He paid her attention as a friend and then started to compliment her to the point where she got butterflies – it was then that she started to really like him.

So how does she feel when she sees her friend Steph go off into town with Ryan? 
She’s really jealous and actually goes out of her way to try and split them up, which isn’t very nice! When Ryan finds out Katy’s scuppered his date, he’s not happy. He’s the kind of person who isn’t interested in waiting around for someone because he can have whoever he wants.

Whenever Katy tells him that they shouldn’t be doing this, he tells her that’s fine and goes on to go out with Steph instead. So when he realises Katy has been trying to split them up he asks her what her problem is. 

We then see Ryan accusing Katy of being jealous, which only enflames passions further. Tell us what happens…
Katy just suddenly snaps and tells him why she did what she did – and then this leads to a big kiss. With Katy and Chesney, they never really shared any passionate kisses – it’s only ever really been a peck on the cheek or top of the head. But Katy and Ryan are pretty full on! I think she enjoys it because she’s never experienced this before.

How guilty does she feel when she lies to Chesney and says she’s going out with the girls but instead goes clubbing with Ryan?
She does feel guilty but more because she’s leaving Joseph with him, not necessarily because of what she’s doing to Chesney. As soon as she comes home her first question is whether Joseph is OK and she’s always concerned for him first over anyone else. At this point, she’s just so excited that someone is showing her some attention. 

So is she falling in love with Ryan or is it all about sexual attraction?
I don’t think it’s love – it’s definitely more like lust. It’s that excitement you get when you’re young and you’re suddenly being shown some attention by somebody new. She enjoys the chase too because she doesn’t get that at home.

Of course, back at home poor Chesney is planning his proposal. How would she feel if she knew all that was going on?
I think she would be absolutely devastated. Deep down, she really does love him. She knows that that’s where her priorities ought to lie and that she should really be staying loyal to him. In Ryan, she’s found something she hasn’t been getting from Chesney, but if she knew what he’d been planning she would be gutted.

But is she really ready to marry Chesney?
Perhaps before this she would have been ready, but now I think she would feel differently about it. She was comfortable before this happened, but maybe she needed Ryan to come along to make her realise that she wasn’t that happy after all.  

In true soap style, secrets then become exposed. Ryan and Katy sneak off in the van, but it breaks down. How does Katy feel when Gary then finds them?
She’s absolutely devastated, mainly because if it was going to come out she would have wanted to tell Chesney herself. She’s also aware that and Gary’s got a very bad temper, so she’s really not very happy to see him there.

And what does Gary do about the situation? 
Gary actually confronts Katy about it on the night that she gets engaged to Chesney. So that makes it ten times worse. Perhaps if she hadn’t accepted Chesney’s proposal she could have persuaded Gary to keep it a secret, but saying yes winds Gary up even more. When Gary has it out with Ryan, Chesney’s stood at the door listening. He’s already been a bit wary of Ryan, so he would be absolutely gutted if the whole truth came out.

But why does Katy accept Chesney’s proposal in the first place?
I think she just really wants the ground to swallow her up because she knows deep down that she shouldn’t be getting married and she feels awful for what she’s done. But she feels as though she’s got no choice but to say yes because he asks her in front of everybody! 

So when it comes down to it, who does she want: Ryan or Chesney?
If Ryan had never come along then she would have been happy with Chesney’s proposal and they would have stayed strong together. But as soon as Ryan starts showing her some interest she goes off the rails a bit! I’m enjoying the storyline though as it’s nice to have Katy seen in a different light. It’s like having a new part to play.

Are the emotional scenes draining to play?
Very – when I start crying for a scene I can’t stop! So by the time I get home I’m so tired that I feel like crying all over again. I just have to make sure that I get lots of sleep.


Are you similar to Katy at all?
A little bit. We obviously look very similar! Personality wise we are probably both a bit cheeky and Katy can be a bit moody and I can be like that too. But then I don’t think I’d do what Katy is doing to Chesney at the minute, so we have got our differences.