Coronation Street spoilers: Nigel Havers – “Lewis is a ghastly individual and rotten to the core”

As the Street's conman furthers his plans to swindle Gail, will she agree to part with her cash?


Oh, what a cad that Lewis Archer is! In the coming weeks, we’ll see the super-smooth bar steward sell an Italian dream to Gail (Helen Worth) and suggest that they need to come up with a lump sum for living accommodation, which now no longer comes with the job he’s been offered. As Gail swoons, will she agree to part with her cash? Actor Nigel Havers reveals just how Lewis intends to reel her in: 


Is Lewis surprised at how easily Gail is falling into his web considering how suspicious she was of him before?
I don’t think he can believe his luck! He is a very good conman, but I think he did imagine it would be a bit harder to get Gail to fall into his trap because of her previous opinion of him. Of course, if he knew Gail’s previous record with men he would have realised he was on to a winner!

And why is he so determined to get revenge?
Lewis is not used to being caught out or exposed in the way that he was. And that was all thanks to Gail. He doesn’t take that lying down and will do everything he can to get his revenge.

Do you think she is the type of woman he would normally go after?
He hates her. She isn’t the sort of woman he would go for normally. He has to spend a lot of time pretending he’s taking things slowly so he doesn’t have to get intimate with her. Also, Audrey is the love of his life so he is doing this for her too, even though she probably wouldn’t appreciate it!

So, how is his plan to isolate her from her family working out?
His plan is going better than he could have hoped. She is so gullible and desperate for attention and love that she is falling for it hook line and sinker. And he has no qualms whatsoever. As far as he’s concerned, it is all part of the plan to make her suffer and if she falls out with her family along the way then even better. He can take her money and make her life miserable too.

Can you reveal what Lewis is up to when he tampers with the order at the Bistro?
Nick has asked Gail to place an order and Lewis deliberately messes it up so that Nick will be annoyed with her. Then, when she is upset, he can pick up the pieces and be there for her. It is all part of his manipulation.

How does Gail react when Lewis tells her he loves her and wants her to move to Naples with him to run a small hotel?
At first she is surprised but then she is very excited. Gail is a romantic who is looking for love and she has this romantic vision of their future together. He’s played it brilliantly and has worked out exactly what will make her fall for his lies. You have to remember that this is a master conman at work with many years practice of reeling women in and fleecing them.

Lewis tells Gail they would need money to pay for their accommodation in Italy, so how does she react?
He just very cleverly plants the seed in her mind and leaves it to grow. He doesn’t expect this plan to work overnight.

And whose idea is it that Gail borrow money against her house to pay for it?
Gail comes up with this idea herself.  Lewis isn’t that obvious when it comes to conning people – he likes the idea to come from them, so he looks whiter than white throughout.


What is Lewis trying to achieve – is his goal to make her lose her home?
He’s out to ruin her in every way possible and to destroy her life the way he felt she destroyed his. He is a ghastly individual and rotten to the core. It’s great fun to play him although I had hoped, at one point, that he might have redeemed himself with Audrey. But I guess a leopard never changes its spots. He will use every trick he has learned throughout his entire career as conman. I’ve enjoyed playing him but I certainly don’t like him!