Coronation Street spoilers: Natalie Gumede – “Kirsty is the puppet master of her wedding day”

"She is in complete control and that’s how she likes it," reveals the actress


Has there ever been a Street wedding quite like this one? Tyrone (Alan Halsall) looks set to marry his abusive partner Kirsty, solely to ensure parental rights over Ruby. But with Tyrone panicking and Kirsty increasingly paranoid, will the nuptials go ahead? Actress Natalie Gumede, currently in contention for Most Popular Newcomer at the National Television Awards, reveals what lies in store for the tormented and terrifying Kirsty:


What can we expect in the run-up to Kirsty and Tyrone’s wedding?
Well, Kirsty is really looking forward to the wedding. She has no idea what Tyrone is really up to and has planned the perfect day. Something happens during the hen night that could mean that things don’t quite add up for Kirsty – the viewer will end up wondering what she is going to do next!

Last time Kirsty lashed out at Tyrone he ended up in hospital. Does Kirsty still regret her violence or does she now believe Tyrone deserves it?
In the cold light of day she always regrets the violence and knows that it’s wrong. But when the red mist descends she absolutely believes he deserves it. She does love him but it is a controlling manipulative sort of love that’s not a nice emotion.

And what about those suspicions she has about him and Fiz. Has Tyrone now done enough to convince Kirsty that nothing is going on?
She’s always been suspicious but, up to now, Tyrone and Fiz have done a good job of covering their tracks. It would only take one slip though for her to find out and that would spell disaster for everyone. We all know what Kirsty is capable of – she made Fiz have that nasty accident, she has put Tyrone in hospital. And that was only when she was suspicious! If she were to get proof, she would literally be capable of anything. 

So, let’s focus on the morning on the wedding. How is Kirsty feeling?
She’s very calm. She knows exactly how she wants the day to go, but beneath that calm something more sinister is lurking. Let’s just say that Kirsty is the puppet master of the day – she is in complete control and that’s how she likes it. Nothing is going to happen that she doesn’t have complete control of.

Do Kirsty and Tyrone have Ruby at the wedding with them?
Yes. Ruby is very much a part of the wedding day, which makes everything that happens so much more dramatic.

And what did you think of her wedding dress?
I was involved in the design and colour of it from the start. We felt she would be quite dramatic in her style and the purple certainly works for the drama of the day.

We can reveal that Kirsty does find out that Tyrone was only marrying her so he could get custody of Ruby. He also tries to stand up to her and calls her a vindictive bully. So how does this make Kirsty feel?
Her whole world comes crashing down when she realises he has been plotting this for so long. Let’s just say they have a frank exchange of views, all the real truths come out and it’s very powerful. It ends up with a major row at the top of the stairs, she goes to hit Tyrone, loses her footing and falls. She’s badly injured and has to be rushed to hospital.

Then she blames her fall on Tyrone and accuses him of being a dangerous and violent bully. How can she do this?
She’s angry and desperate and sees this as the only way to get revenge on Tyrone and keep Ruby. She’s an ex policewoman she knows what to do to use the system to her advantage and sound credible. The whole stalking situation with Fiz has put her on a good footing with the residents and there have also been occasions where people saw Tyrone shouting at her. Once, she even fell in the back yard. So it’s all stacking up against him and she is manipulating it to her advantage. She is a very clever woman.

Would Kirsty really let Ty go to prison on the strength of her lies?
As this story develops, she certainly seems determined to make him suffer and once she’s started telling the lies, she seems to have no desire at all to come clean and clear Tyrone’s name.

What kind of mother can she be to Ruby?
That is the million dollar question! Up until now, Tyrone has It will be interesting to see how she copes when it’s just her and Ruby.


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