EastEnders spoilers: Kirsty gets steamy with Max – new picture preview

Passions are on the rise after Tanya attempts to force her love rival out of town

The Tanya-Max-Kirsty love triangle is set to get even more intense in the coming weeks as these new images reveal. 


Fed up with Kirsty (Kierston Wareing) living a stone’s throw from her family, Tanya (Jo Joyner) will be seen trying to force Kirsty out of the Square during a showdown at the B&B. As Tanya pushes for answers on what has been going on with Max (Jake Wood), Kirsty admits that the only illicit contact she’s had with him was the kiss that took place before Derek’s funeral. 

Fuelled by paranoia, Tanya shows the divorce petition into Kirsty’s hands and tells her to sign. But will she? Max then barges in and demands to know what’s been going on, but Tanya storms out. 

Yet when Max tries to rush after Tanya, Kirsty bars his exit and seductively tells him that she knows she is the one he wants and asks him to kiss her like he did on the day of Derek’s funeral. Max tries to move Kirsty aside, but as he does, she leans in for a smooch.


Viewers can see the scenes in the episode set to air on Monday 21 January at 8.00pm on BBC1.