Emmerdale: Chas to be targeted by a mystery stalker – picture preview

The Woolpack landlady will be left fearing for her life at the start of 2013

She’s been found not guilty of Carl King’s murder and has now been released from prison, but it seems that Chas’s problems are not yet over. In the coming weeks, the pub landlady will become the victim of a stalker whose actions soon escalate from prank phone calls to sinister messages sent with accompanying photos of Chas’s eyes scored out. Matters take an even more scary turn when the mystery harasser hurls a bottle in Chas’s direction.


Chas, of course, has no shortage of enemies what with Debbie, Charity and Cain all baying for blood. Now there’s the added factor of Bernice wanting to get her hands on Chas’s half of the Woolpack. But who will be the one to be targeting an already vulnerable Chas?

“It’s really creepy,” actress Lucy Pargeter, who plays Chas, tells Inside Soap. “She’s already on the edge because of everything that’s happened, and then someone starts targeting her. If she knew who it was, she’d stand up to them – but the fact that it could be anyone is the most unnerving thing.”


Viewers will see the drama play out from Monday 7 January 2013  on ITV1