Coronation Street: Leanne’s wedding is called off and Kylie kisses Nick

A rundown of all the drama that featured in the Christmas Day episode


The nuptials of Leanne Barttersby (Jane Danson) and Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) were halted in dramatic style during this evening’s episode of Coronation Street after spiteful Eva Price (Catherine Tyldesley) made a shock interruption to the service:


“Aren’t you going to tell him why you were late?” she said, ready to cast light on Leanne’s tardy arrival at the stately home wedding venue. “He deserves to know the truth. She stopped off to see Peter. Urgently. Apparently things got quite intense. It seems she offered him first refusal. But he backed out of the race.”

Earlier in the episode, viewers saw Leanne make a mad dash in her bridal gown to ex-husband Peter’s (Chris Gascoyne) flat only to discover that Carla (Alison King) had made a surprise return to the country. However, Eva’s disclosure of Leanne’s crisis of confidence was enough to make Nick reconsider going through with the ceremony.

“He knocked you back because he got a better offer,” he admonished his bride-to-be. “You can humiliate yourself all you want but you are not humiliating me.” Facing the congregation, he declared: “Sorry to waste your time but the wedding’s off.”

This was not to be the end of the story though: Kylie (Paula Lane), feeling dejected thanks to her recent ructions with husband David, sought solace with Nick over some drinks in his room on what was to be the first night of his honeymoon. Resigned to her marriage being over, Kylie thanked Nick for all the support he’d given her: “You’ve always stuck up for me. I’ll never forget that.”

But after Kylie questioned how she could carry on working at the Bistro after splitting up with David, Nick told her that he’d be “lost” without her and leaned in for a passionate kiss on the bed.


Coronation Street continues on Boxing Day at 7.30pm