Coronation Street: Ben Price promises an “amazing twist” for Nick at Christmas

"It'll ripple through his life for the rest of time," says the actor


His wedding is set for Christmas Day and Leanne, the love of his life, is about to walk up the aisle. So surely nothing can now go wrong for Nick Tilsley?


“I can’t see it happening that smoothly,” says Ben Price. The 40-year-old actor, who has played the part of Nick since 2009, appeared on Monday’s This Morning and revealed that “an amazing twist” over Christmas is set to have huge ramifications for his character and the Platt family:

“I’m quite a way ahead. I’m into February now, March. I finish on Friday, we get two weeks off and the studio stops, which is great. Then we come back and you’re a bit more energised. But the story moves on so quickly in Corrie. Now I’m dealing with a whole different kind of mess. Peter’s sort of gone to the side, and I’m dealing with something very big. It’s huge, really big. [It] happens on Christmas Day, apart from the wedding. It’ll ripple through his life for the rest of time – and the Platts.”

Fans have recently seen Leanne’s former husband Peter return to Weatherfield after a period away in America – and Price today admitted that Nick’s fiancé does still have feelings for her ex: “I think she loves Nick. And I think she loves the excitement of Peter.”


This Morning viewers also got a sneak peek of Friday’s episode of Corrie, in which Nick and Peter (Chris Gascoyne) come to blows at Simon’s school nativity play: “I did give him a slight little clip,” Price confessed after watching Nick’s set-to with his love rival.