Emmerdale at Christmas: Cameron kills another villager – pics and preview

"He basically hunts the person down," says actor Dominic Power


Cameron Murray is a man on the edge. He’s killed Carl King, seen Chas put on trial for the crime and is feeling completely wracked with guilt. So much so that he ends up taking another villager into his confidence. Bad move – for the villager in question, that is, who ends up becoming Cameron’s next victim. Actor Dominic Power reveals the grim details of Cameron’s latest crime: 


So how does Cameron feel with Chas in the dock?
He’s relying on her not having to take the rap. So he’s panicking, he’s sweating, he’s drinking far too much coffee and far too much alcohol. He’s a shadow of himself and a man very close to the edge. But he isn’t thinking about a negative side – he’s just hoping for the right outcome. If it goes the other way and she does go down, he would – I imagine – ‘fess up at that point. 

What drives him to confess to one of the villagers?
All of the above, really. He’s wracked with guilt and he feels terrible about the whole situation. 

And how does this villager react?
They react as most people would and Cameron doesn’t trust that they’ll be able to keep his secret. The person who he tells panics and Cameron can tell that it probably won’t stay a secret unless something’s done about that.

So what does he do?
He basically hunts that person down. He follows them, stalks them and watches their every move to make sure they’re not going to the relevant authorities to report the situation. It gets to the point where he physically has to restrain that person.  And then that person is, let’s say, held in captivity for a little while. Then Cameron decides that maybe he should think about this situation and let that person go. The person tries to escape though, which is when the chase ensues and the inevitable happens… 

What was it like filming the chase? 
I’m a little bit fluey at the moment and on medication, so I didn’t really need uphill running in the woods! Which is what it was. For take after take! But it’ll look great and it’s been shot in a really interesting way. 

You see the villager appear in the woods and you assume, as a viewer, that they’ve shaken Cameron off and then Cameron just appears from nowhere and the person is dragged from vision… 

So how does he feel after this latest killing? 
Terrible. And disposing of the body is unpleasant. Carl was easy because the body was found and then taken away. But disposing of a cadaver is not a nice way to spend Christmas Day. So he’s upset and in shock and he wishes he could turn back time. The interesting thing about Cameron, though, is that even though he’s capable of doing these things, he still shows a vulnerability. It’s a bit worrying to say, but it humanises him a little bit and allows the audience to imagine themselves in the same position. I’m not saying you ever would be, but you know what I mean.

And what about his relationship with Chas. How does he feel about that? 
He’s living from moment to moment and praying that everything works out. The relationship with Chas means more to him than anything else at the moment because, essentially, it’s the only thing he’s got left and it’s a nice distraction from what he’s got up to. He’s been pretty good at deceiving himself into thinking that the bad stuff hasn’t happened. 

When he was having the affair with Chas, he was convincing himself that Debbie didn’t exist. When he was with Debbie, he was convincing himself that the affair never happened. He’s pretty good at burying his head in the sand. 


And will Cameron kill again? 
I don’t know. Keep watching. Keep tuning in!