Simon Cowell wants a pet penguin

The X Factor judge and self-confessed Popper’s fan seems genuinely keen to pick up a penguin


“A workaholic businessman always puts his job first – until he’s charged with taking care of some penguins.” That’s the synopsis for feel-good family film Mr Popper’s Penguins, but if Simon Cowell’s dreams come true it could also end up being an efficient précis of The X Factor judge’s life.


You see, Cowell wants a pet penguin. Really wants a pet penguin.

“Watching mr poppers penguins again,” he tweeted earlier (my underlining). “I love this film. I really do want a pet penguin.”


In the movie, Jim Carrey turns his expensive apartment into a winter wonderland and ends up peforming a dance routine with the aquatic birds to Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby. If Simon takes it that far, not only will he have trouble holding on to the moniker Mr Nasty, he’ll also have a very good chance of winning Britain’s Got Talent…