Craig Charles: We’d certainly like to do more Red Dwarf

The Coronation Street star says he might need more time off from the soap soon after the success of the sci-fi comedy's tenth series - "If things are meant to be, they happen"

Ratings of 1.5m for the latest series of Red Dwarf, which ended earlier this month, show that there is still an audience for the long-running sci-fi sitcom. And if star Craig Charles has anything to do with it, more episodes will follow.


When asked about the possibility of returning to the role of space slob Dave Lister, the actor has said: “We’d certainly like to do it. I think they [Freeview channel Dave] want to do it. So it should happen. Coronation Street are going to have to let me off for a little while longer.”

Speaking to ITV’s This Morning, Charles – who also plays cabbie Lloyd Mullaney in the Weatherfield soap – added: “We’ll see if it works. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. If things are meant to be, they happen. I love playing Lloyd, I wouldn’t want to stop playing him.”

Recently, Red Dwarf writer Doug Naylor spoke to Den of Geek about the possibility of the show being recommissioned:


“You can never absolutely guarantee it because UKTV have to commission it, the  boys all have to want to do it, then there’s the contractual obligations. But in terms of how this series has been received, it’s been very, very positive and the ratings have been terrific.”