Coronation Street spoilers: Will Ken cheat on Deirdre with Wendy?

Find out what happens when Ken's former flame makes a pass in next week's episodes


It’s the proof, in any were needed, that Ken Barlow hasn’t lost his touch with women. Next week, old flame Wendy Papadopoulos (formerly Crozier) makes a pass at her former lover – but the results aren’t what anybody is expecting. 


It all starts when Ken seeks sanctuary at Wendy’s following a governors’ meeting and offloads his woes. But when he gets tipsy and falls asleep on the sofa, it’s clear that Wendy’s feelings for Ken have been rekindled.

The next morning, Ken is horrified at having spent the night and sets about owning up to Deirdre and trying to convince her that nothing happened. But, later in the week, Ken gets more than he bargains for on a return visit to Wendy’s. 

After commenting that he is “happy enough” with Deirdre and that there is a certain inevitability to their relationship (“there’s M&S, fish and chips, and Ken and Deirdre”), Wendy puckers up and asks for a kiss.

Ken is outraged that she should be taking such liberties: “I don’t find you attractive and would happily never see you in my entire life again!” he scolds, before bolting. 

Yet despite the normally priapic Ken refusing to stray, it seems his actions will still land him in hot water with Deirdre. After all, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and Wendy soon makes sure that the truth is being heavily distorted. 


Just wait until you hear what Wendy has to say to Deirdre after showing up at No 1! Could it be that Ken’s life is going to get very Fatal Attraction from now on?