Emmerdale’s live 40th anniversary episode…by numbers

As anticipation mounts ahead of the soap's birthday, we break down the statistics involved in bringing this special show to life

Emmerdale is marking its 40th birthday with a special live episode on Wednesday 17 October and, as series producer Stuart Blackburn told RadioTimes.com, the event will be quite a challenge: 


“We’re in a field, on a hill, in Yorkshire, in October, at night. There’s an element of insanity about it,” he said. 

So, what exactly is needed to bring this anniversary offering to life? Here are the behind-the-scenes statistics:

1 stunt co-ordinator will be on set, as the cast will bravely be doing their own stunts. 

4 golf buggies will be powered up to transport the cast around the village. And actors have approximately a maximum of 4 minutes to change and move between sets. 

4 newborn babies will be on set. 

5 generators will be used to power the village. 

6 versions of the live episode script have so far been produced. 

7 wedding dresses will be made available to cast members. 

20 rain deflectors for the cameras will be on standby in case of extreme weather. 

23 make-up artists, 26 prop assistants, 27 cameras and 30 costume staff are needed for this single hour of drama.

61 cast members are to feature. 

70 crew members will be at work, a figure that’s almost double those needed on a regular Emmerdale shooting day. 

110 hours of rehearsal time will be given over in the lead-up to the big day, which breaks down at 10 hours a day for 11 days.

350 supporting artistes will be required. 


How many fingers will be crossed on the night in question is anyone’s guess!