Ed Miliband visits the Coronation Street set

The Labour leader meets stars including Michelle Keegan and Michelle Collins on a trip to the Rovers Return

Labour leader Ed Miliband has paid a visit to the set of Coronation Street as his party’s conference in Manchester came to a close. 


Mr Miliband spoke to actresses Michelle Collins (Stella), Michelle Keegan (Tina) and Cath Tyldesley (Eva) in the Rovers Return, before meeting Eileen Derbyshire (Emily) and Malcolm Hebden (Norris) outside on the cobbles. 

As he walked along the famous street, he commented that it felt “very real” and also complimented the cast on their ability to memorise lines: “I don’t know how you do it five days a week.” 

Her later admitted that he was usually too busy to watch the soap, but that his wife Justine is a fan. 


Mr Miliband is not the first politician to have visited the residents of Weatherfield. In 1990, the then prime minister Margaret Thatcher took a tour of the set, while Tony Blair received a kiss on the cheek from actress Liz Dawn on a stop-off during his 1997 election campaign.