BBC launches Strictly Come Dancing online game

Now’s your chance to experience the world of dance and learn moves with a pro partner in Strictly Keep Dancing


That’s a fairly good computer graphic of Strictly’s Natalie Lowe on the left and a photo realistic image of me on the right. I’ve been working on my abs. And I don’t like to boast but Natalie says I’ve just learned the basics of the samba in record time. Without leaving my chair. Or my keyboard. What can I say? I’m just a natural dancer. Always knew I was.


If you’d like to learn to be as good as me, you can now play the Strictly Come Dancing game online. Called Strictly: Keep Dancing, it’s a free web-based game that takes you through being paired with a professional partner and learning the dance steps in rehearsal. If you’re good enough, soon you reach the performance stage. But I can’t tell you anything about that yet because after a brilliant start, it seems I’m having trouble with my Rolling Open Naturals.

They’re a dis-ars-ter. But Natalie is being patient with me. We’ll get there.

The game is launched today by BBC Worldwide for both Strictly viewers and fans of the US version, Dancing with the Stars – and it’s really one game aimed at both. So there are a lot of Dancing with the Stars references and initially your choice of dance pro partner is heavily weighted toward the US dancers. Natalie Lowe is the only woman from the British show that you can choose at first; Pasha Kovalev is the only man.

The game is free to play, but there is also the option to make in-app purchases for items such as costumes or extra energy to get you through the routines.


I’m still looking for the option to buy a judge.