YouTube announces the UK’s ten most-watched videos of 2011

List reveals that a patchwork of animals, humour and pop culture bewitched UK internet users this past year

Think fast: What do a talking dog, Gregg Wallace and the royal wedding have in common? Time’s up. They’re all on the list of the UK’s ten most-watched YouTube clips of 2011.


Yes, the Google-owned website has today revealed its ten most popular videos among UK users, and what a motley bunch of clips they are.

Topping the list is a video called Ultimate Dog Tease, which has been viewed on the site more than 74m times and features a dog with a dubbed voice being spun a merry yarn about the fate of its dinner.

Communications company T-Mobile is in at number two with its (admittedly brilliant) spoof royal wedding ad, which has notched up over 24m views.

Charlie Sheen occupies slot number three after having some of his manic rants about drug-taking and the like re-edited into a pop song, and a bizarre, hypnotic video of a cartoon cat flying through space called Nyan Cat bagged fourth place and 53m views worldwide.

Two British TV shows made the list, with Michael “New Susan Boyle” Collings’s Britain’s Got Talent audition landing at number five, while Swede Mason’s masterful MasterChef re-edit, MasterChef Synesthesia, came sixth.

Rounding out the list are a bundle of viral video favourites, including Diary of a Bad Man, a series of comedy sketches about life in the hood; a thoroughly annoying overdub of Rebecca Black’s Friday; talking twin babies running amok in a family’s home and finally, a collection of animations from TomSka.

“The 10 most-watched YouTube videos of 2011 show that around the world, whatever language we speak, there are certain things that bring us together around a computer screen or mobile phone: adorable babies, talented performers, and clever advertising,” said the site’s trend manager, Kevin Allocca.

Anyway, the best way to appreciate the list is to kick back and watch. So, seeing as it’s nearly Christmas and everyone’s winding down, why not grab yourself a cuppa, turn your monitor to the wall and find out what we Brits have been spamming each other with these past 12 months:

1.\tUltimate Dog Tease

2.\tThe T-Mobile Royal Wedding

3.\tWinning – a song by Charlie Sheen

4. Nyan Cat

5. Michael Collings – Britain’s Got Talent 2011 Audition

6. MasterChef Synesthesia

7. Diary of a Bad Man

8. Rebecca Black “Friday” (Brock’s Dub)

9.\tTalking Twin Babies



What did you think of that lot, then? Which one was your favourite? Can you still hear Gregg Wallace banging on about that buttery biscuit base even though the video isn’t playing any more? Do let us know below…