Video: Strictly Come Dancing at Christmas

See the stars of the show interpreting the Twelve Days of Christmas for an exclusive Radio Times photoshoot

Photographing the stars of Strictly Come Dancing in a 12 Days of Christmas-themed shoot doesn’t sound like hard work. And for me, it was easy. I just pointed a video camera at them for hours on end and had a giggle at their antics. But for most people involved it was a massive challenge.


Gathering all the celebs, outfits and ridiculous props together turned out to be a feat of incredible logistics. Not to mention having to work with a diva of a French poodle called Blade, who required several cans of hairspray to support his impressive dog-fro. But it eventually all came together. And it was glorious.

The stars relished their madcap outfits and the opportunity to be very silly in front of the camera. Harry wouldn’t stop drumming, Brendan wouldn’t give up until he’d got it absolutely right and Edwina seemed strikingly at home playing mother hen. Russell seemed to have been plucked straight out of the Regency era. Of course, he was fabulous as ever, darling!


See glossy photos of the Strictly gang and read about their antics in the Christmas issue of Radio Times, on sale nationwide by 7 December.