Alex Jones’s Strictly Come Dancing blog: part two

“I was mortified at how bad I was”


Here goes… For days now I’ve been waking up in cold sweats having had nightmares about forgetting my costume and performing naked, live on Strictly. Either that, or I’m shattered having spent the entire night cha cha cha-ing in my sleep. Yes, life post the launch show has been filled with classic anxiety dreams.


Looking back on the first couple of weeks, it’s already been an amazing experience, mostly thanks to the other 13 genuinely lovely contest- ants – we’ve all bonded very quickly.

The girls are particularly close, building each other’s confidence as we all battle internally with the thought of wearing next to nothing on the live shows. The boys are all a good laugh, and helped hugely to lighten the mood – Rory entertaining us all with his Brucie impression, Robbie with his cheeky chappie wit and gorgeous Russell with his calming words and bear hugs.

As for predicting who the front-runners are, well we all know who should be good on paper, but it’s a whole different scenario when you get to the dance studio… just you and your partner!

All of a sudden your limbs lose the ability to do anything gracefully, everything seems incredibly awkward, and picking out a rhythm becomes as difficult as hearing a pin drop from the top of a tall building!

I was mortified at how bad I was, especially during our first few sessions. James looked completely distraught and already defeated.

Having said all that, it could be anybody’s title at this stage, and I really need to learn the basics before I can even contemplate getting past show one, the basics being my left from my right.


If you ever see me on The One Show with “L” and “R” written on my hands then you know why. Believe me… it’s already happened once!