Dallas: The Best Cliffhanger Moments

As the supersoap returns on CBS Drama, we count down its finest freeze frames

Dallas returns to our screens tonight as CBS drama goes back to the beginning of TV’s most melodramatic soap. To pay tribute, here’s our pick of some of the show’s most outrageous cliffhangers:


1. Southfork inferno (Season 5)

“Half-breed” Ray Krebbs fights with JR, knocking candles all over the joint. As a fire begins to rage up the stairs, Sue Ellen (pronounced “Swellin”) and John Ross lie asleep unaware in the rooms. JR tries to rescue them but a piece of burning timber floors him in the dying seconds. Watch the conflagration here:

2. Pam and the tanker (Season 9)

Two classics here: JR telling Jeremy Wendell that if he touches Jock’s painting he’ll kill him where he stands, while Pam becomes the poster girl for not driving while on the phone. Just after telling Bobby that she can now carry a baby full term, her car ploughs into the path of a tanker. Victoria Principal is never seen again as Pam. View the smash-up here:

3. Who Shot JR? (Season 2)

“I swear I’ll kill him,” vows Kristin.
“This is the last crooked deal you’ll ever pull,” threatens Vaughn.
“I can’t rely on anyone else to do what I have to do,” states Sue Ellen.
Working late, JR gets plugged with bullets, but who pulled the trigger?
See the scene of the crime here:

4. Bobby in the shower (Season 8)

The most famous freeze-frame of them all, but for all the wrong reasons. Ewing Oil blows up thanks to a suitcase-bomb, Jamie’s car explodes and Pam and Mark walk down the aisle. Cut to Pam waking from a season-long dream to find Bobby (who’d been killed off the previous year) alive, well and getting busy with the shower gel. Watch the ridiculous resurrection here

5. The final episode (Season 13)

Dallas does It’s a Wonderful Life as an angel appears to a drunken and sorrowful JR and shows him what life would have been like had he never been born. Only, he’s not an angel at all, but the DEVIL! As JR raises a loaded gun to his head, Bobby rushes into the room as a shot goes off. Only he, and not the viewer, sees what has happened. See the series bow out here:


Dallas can be seen on Friday at 11.00pm on CBS Drama