Strictly Come Dancing 2011: Rory Bremner

Will he make a good impression on the dancefloor?


Name: Rory Bremner


Age: 50

Famous for: Satire / impressions

Bio: The award-winning impressionist made his mark working on satirical TV programmes Spitting Image and Week Ending in the mid 80s before landing his own show, Now – Something Else, on BBC2 in 1987.

A move to Channel 4 in 1993 saw the comedian fronting the sketch series Rory Bremner, Who Else?, which ran until 1998 and introduced him to John Bird and John Fortune, who appeared alongside Bremner on the programme.

This led to the three comics launching Bremner, Bird and Fortune in 1999, with the new series focusing more or less exclusively on well-researched political satire.

Bremner has since lent his political knowledge and spot-on impressions to everything from Mock the Week to Channel 4’s alternative Christmas message, these days regularly popping up on The Andrew Marr Show, impersonating politicians and media personalities.

What Rory’s saying on Twitter:

As Jeremy Clarkson

As Mahmoud Ahmedinejad