Strictly Come Dancing 2011: Nancy Dell’Olio

Get the lowdown on the glamorous Strictly contestant


Name: Nancy Dell’Olio


Age: 50

Famous for: Being Sven-Goran Eriksson’s girlfriend

Bio: Born in New York, Dell’Olio moved back to Italy with her family at a young age before marrying lawyer Giancarlo Mazza and setting up a law firm in 1990.

In 1998, Mazza introduced her to his friend, Sven-Goran Eriksson, with whom she began an affair. She moved to Regent’s Park with Eriksson when he became the England football team’s coach.

Eriksson then had affairs with Ulrika Jonsson and an FA employee, prompting Dell’Olio to break off their relationship.

Since then Dell’Olio has become a media personality in her own right, hosting Footballer’s Cribs on MTV and appearing on a number of fashion and current affairs broadcasts, famously baffling Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight with her theories about the philosophy of lingerie.



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